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Water Manager’s mission is to help people understand and better manage their water licences. We are a product of BD Water, a fully integrated water services provider.

Who we are

At Water Manager, we’re passionate about delivering high-quality water solutions. With over 10 years’ experience in the water services industry, we know how to manage water to grow our clients’ properties and businesses.

Our aim is to make water licensing easier and more effective for everyone. We thrive on good relationships with our clients, as we work hard to ensure our water management achieves their goals.

We’re the only business in WA offering professional groundwater-licence compliancy services. Our online platform was designed to improve the water trading process for our clients. We also offer water management services, including: water trading assistance, bore metering and licencing.

Our Story

Water Manager is part of BD Water – a fully integrated water services provider based in Midland, WA. BD Water started as an irrigation systems provider in 2009, then expanded into bore drilling and licence trading.

BD Water was founded by Barkley Day, who started as an irrigation systems sole trader over ten years ago. Ten years later, a much larger and more established business realised that the industry needed expert knowledge and professional services in water licensing. Water Manager was created to offer better water licence management solutions. We pride ourselves on professional end-to-end solutions for our clients.

At BD Water, our mission is “we make water simple”. 

When we started water licensing and trading, the next logical step was to create Water Manager. We have a team dedicated to understanding the regulation and delivering the best water licensing services in the industry.

Barkley Day
General Manager of BD Water and Water Manager

Our engagement with DWER

At Water Manager, we work hard to ensure our engagement with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) benefits our clients. While we’re a private business, independent of the DWER, we exchange information with their team about water on a daily basis.

With extensive experience working with DWER, we’re equipped to help our clients understand how to best manage their water to government standards. We also want to help the DWER understand licensees, while championing their mission to distribute water for efficient private and commercial use, and establishing a better environmental balance.

Our Team

Barkley Day

General Manager

Maria Trigueiro

Licensing Manager

Andrew Pond

Drilling Manager

Jayson Esic

Operations Assistant

Kurt Pascual

Operations Assistant

Jay Manalo

Operations Assistant

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We can help you make the right decisions when it comes buying, selling or better managing your water use.

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