Water Trading

Need a water solution for your property or business?

Water Manager offers easy water trading.

We can help you buy and sell water.

Water Manager is our online platform that connects water licence traders. It also streamlines the water-licence transfer process with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER).

Water Manager offers easy water trading.

Our most recent trades

Water licence trading is largely an undeveloped market with a significant lack of information.

We are aiming to solve this by being fully transparent with our process, pricing structure, and with trade value information we have.

This table shows the most recent trading rates, agreed by buyers and sellers, and for trades we have lodged to DWER.

Area Sub-area Aquifer Price Date
BunburyBunbury-YarragadeeYarragadee$ 4.00 /kLJun 2024
WannerooLake GnangaraSuperficial$ 3.50 /kLJun 2024
SwanSwan ValleySuperficial$ 5.00 /kLMay 2024
SwanSwan ValleyMirraboooka$ 4.50 /kLMay 2024
WannerooNeerabupSuperficial$ 3.50 /kLMar 2024
SwanSwan ConfinedLeederville$ 11.00 /kLFeb 2024

Our water trading process

We offer a professional water trading service from start to finish.

From being unsure how to trade to becoming a confident buyer or seller of water licences – our experience can help you maximise your water benefits.

Here are the steps we take our clients through to help them trade water.

Contact us for help with trading water.

Our knowledge and experience can help you through the water trading process.

We can give you confidence your trades will be approved so that your business can grow.

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Licence trade pricing

Licence trades have costs associated. Our pricing for a water trade is split in 2 components:

Commission fee on the trade value

Processing fee based on volume

Contact us to get a quote for your water trade. Alternatively, using Water Manager, you will see the exact value you will pay or receive for the licence (excl. Stamp Duty).

The trade is a dutiable, GST fee, transaction. The buyer is liable for Stamp Duty, and the seller may be subject to Capital Gains Tax.


Benefits of Water Manager

Why choose Water Manager?

When applications aren’t properly completed, either part or the full licence can be reclaimed by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER).

A reclaimed application removes the sellers monetary reward and denies water to the buyer.

We have a 100% success rate. No allocations have been reclaimed with our applications.

Running out of time to find the right water solution?

Business owners and property managers are often too busy to face the difficulties of licence trading.

The paperwork associated with the transfer of a water licences can take too long, and is too confusing, especially when you’re in need of a fast water solution.

This is where we come in. Water Manager streamlines the licence trading process.

Fill out the required information, and after you agree on a trade, our team will contact you to confirm the final details. Then we’ll submit your well organised application for a successful outcome.

We also work closely with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) to ensure your applications aren’t forgotten.

Water Manager puts the right data in your hands to save you time searching for a water solution.

To find local trading opportunities, all you need to do is type-in your address, and the Water Manager platform will display the licences listed and available to trade at your property. You can be confident you are trading with the right person.

We have a vast network of confirmed buyers and sellers, while also operating ongoing campaigns to find new trades.

Water Manager is backed by our team of experts.

We can help you find the water solution that’s best for your property or business by tailoring a cost-effective solution to your needs.

We comply with DWER requirements and understand WA’s constantly changing water regulations. We can also give you informed advice about your water rights.

Work with us to find the best water solution.

Water Manager also has unique features that provide simpler water trading.

With Water Manager you can:

  • Make water trading offers and remain anonymous to your neighbours.
  • Negotiate quantities and prices with buyers and sellers.
  • Trade smarter by allowing us to hold monetary transactions until the trade is approved and the new licences are issued by DWER.

We're here to help.

Are you unsure about water trading?

Or maybe you’re looking for a cost effective water solution that’s customised to your business?

Our friendly team of water experts are here to help.

Contact us for more information about water trading.

What is water licence trading?

To access or sell groundwater, you’ll need to understand how water licences work.

Though groundwater is a natural resource, it’s been mapped out and allocated to licensees over time by Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER).

Across WA and most of the country, groundwater is over-allocated, which means it’s already owned by various licence holders. So the only way to access water is by purchasing it from an existing licence.

Here’s how groundwater trading works…

Looking to access more groundwater?

Have more water than what you use?

Water Manager offers easy water trading.

Whether you’re buying or selling water, our Water Manager platform offers smarter and easier solutions.

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What our clients say

We work hard to ensure our clients are satisfied with their water. Here’s what some of our clients are saying:

Associates and Clients

We’re proud of our strong partnerships with our clients and suppliers. Together we strive to make water usage more efficient and beneficial for licensees and the environment.

Try Water Manager today.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This depends on the area, sub-area, aquifer, supply and demand.

The general market trend is that water allocations increase in value over time.

We offer a summary of recent trade rates, and our expert knowledge, to help you understand the value of your licence.

Contact our friendly team to discuss the value of your water, or water in your area.

We offer a professional water trading service from start to finish.

Here are the steps we take our clients through to help them trade water.

Step 1: You find a trade via the Water Manager platform

The Water Manager platform can help you buy, sell, negotiate and trade licences with ease.

We can advise on the market price of the water and the required allocation your property needs, helping you understand the price and allocation to buy or sell water.

Step 2: We prepare and lodge the trade with DWER.

We secure buyer funds in our Water Holding account.

We then gather professional and detailed supporting documentation to lodge the trade with DWER, so that the trade isn’t rejected.

Step 3: DWER processes and approves the trade.

We manage and support DWER’s trade processing, and OSR’s Stamp Duty processing.

Upon trade approval, we issue the funds to the seller and send the new licences to both parties.

Contact us to speak to one of our water specialists about our trading process.

The costs of trading with Water Manager, include:

  • The direct cost of the licence (excluding stamp duty).
  • 5% Water Manager trading commission.
    This supports your free use of the platform and contributes to our mission of making water trading easier for everyone.
  • Processing fee of $500 per trade party.
    A portion of this is paid directly to the DWER for the application fees and costs. The rest is a fee for our rigorous application that will allow the trade to succeed. This includes detailed supporting documentation and follow-up with DWER. We have a 100% application success rate.
  • Estimated stamp duty.
    As part of our process, we estimate the Stamp Duty payable and collect this amount from the buyer. We process this payment with Office of State Revenue.

Contact us to for more information about our professional trading service.