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Water Licence Purchase for Property Development for PEET Brabham

BD Water worked with PEET and DevelopmentWA to help source a sufficient water allocation to enable the development of its Brabham project within the City of Swan. This included procuring and managing the transfer of water allocations with DWER to fulfil water requirements for the Project.





PEET and DevelopmentWA are  currently developing Brabham Estate, which is located north-east of Perth CBD and on the doorstep of the Swan Valley.. This development provides opportunities for buyers to build their dream homes in areas with beautiful local surroundings that promote a vibrant and sustainable community that seeks to retain the cultural and natural heritage of the site. 

Not only are these properties designed to maximise the lifestyle of each resident, but also contribute towards environmental sustainability. Environmental design factors include green environments through alternative water solutions, promoting sustainability at an individual, local, and global scale, providing incentives to help create sustainable homes, waste reduction and providing a range of public open spaces and natural assets, along with the beautification of St Leonards Creek.





With complex development plans, PEET and DevelopmentWA required a significant water allocation to progress and develop the Brabham project. The water allocations obtained enable the Project to deliver on its promise to provide and promote healthy and active living for future generations. 

Without reliable water sellers to fulfil the project’s required water allocation, PEET and DevelopmentWA engaged our services. BD Water, specifically our Water Manager branch, was engaged to help tackle this challenge in March 2020. 

The necessary approvals required to commence development would not be secured until a consistent water solution was in place, as this was required to maintain the sustainable green areas within their development plans.




The Solution

BD Water tackled these challenges by finding trustworthy water licence sellers to fulfil the Project’s required water allocation. Initially, we found sellers in the intended water resource, while also running marketing campaigns on behalf of the Project to find potential sellers in another aquifer of interest. 

After finding a list of sale opportunities, organising contractual documents, negotiating all prices and allocations, preparing and lodging all trade application documents and liaising with the DWER, the trade was approved within six months. 

In the end, a significant trade occurred across 2 water resources. The total water requirement was fulfilled with only 3 sellers, at a competitive and fair trade price. 

Our water licensing and trading scope for the Brabham project was concluded in June 2021.


At Water Manager we pride ourselves on contributing to the success of development projects.  


We strive to deliver end-to-end water solutions for developers that allow for streamlined construction processes. 


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